Tips for a User-Friendly Web Design

When designing a website, you need to have the users in mind at every step of the process. Think about the people that will be using the site and how they will be using it. A user-friendly design is one which allows users to find what they are looking for quickly and with the least [...]

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Top 10 Best WordPress Themes That Aren’t Overused

I have been using WordPress as my favorite blogging platform for quite some time now. It is undoubtedly the most common platform used for blogging because of its great features and easy to use interface. Because of its thousands of users, you want your theme to be unique so it can really stand out - [...]

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Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Social media can be a very powerful tool for promoting and marketing a product or service. To remain competitive in the current economy every business needs to have a social media presence. One of the most recent entrants in the social networking scene is Pinterest.   Tips to help you promote your brand [...]

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Top 5 New Apple Apps for Your Blogging

Blogging has revolutionized the Internet taking it to a qualitatively new level. There are numerous sources of information online. Some folks prefer visiting huge media sites, while others opt for personal blogs. Millions of people worldwide have personal journals where they share information, thoughts, discuss various problems and just have fun. A professional blogger (or [...]

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5 Writing Tips that Will Make Your Blog More Fun and Engaging

Your writing style is what will attract consistent readers to your blog. If you want to make a lot of money with your blog, you have to attract consistent traffic to your blog. To attract consistent traffic to your blog, you have to make your blog interesting for your readers. Here are 5 writing tips [...]

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The Quickest Ways to Post to Your Blog or Website

If you have a blog or a website then you should by now know that content is king. Long live the king! In short, if you want your site to stand the best chances of success then what you need above all else is to regularly update the site with new articles and to write [...]

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Considering Dimensions in Your Web Design

It's not only the characters from Stargate who need to worry about various dimensions; as while there are only two of them in web design they are perhaps one of the most important considerations that you need to bear in mind. Essentially when it comes to designing your website you need to think about the [...]

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