Three Elements of a Good Blog Design

If you’re a blogger who has great plans for his/her blog, especially when it comes to making money, then you will know how important having great design is.

A lot of bloggers focus their efforts on their content and other aspects of blogging but very little of them give the design of their blog a priority.

This article will be listing some of the major elements of a good blog design that can help you make money and increase conversions on your blog.

Proper SEO Structure

There is no point in having a blog if you can’t get traffic to it, and traffic from the search engines is one of the best kinds of traffic you can ever get as a blogger.

When I was taking a look at the structure of my medifast and nutrisystem blog I was looking for ways to increase traffic to my blog while at the same time ensuring the traffic I get is of great quality. After a lot of thoughts I discovered that the two best kinds of traffic I can get is Pay per click traffic and SEO traffic – Pay per click traffic might require me thousands of dollars monthly to get the results I desire but SEO traffic will only require minimal efforts from my side and produce really great results on the long run.

Since search engine traffic is free traffic and the best kind of traffic you can get to your blog why not optimize your design to get the best from it? Most people design blogs these days that have no focus on SEO and they later end up wondering why their traffic doesn’t convert.

For any good website design, a proper SEO structure is a must.

Easy Navigation and User Friendly

Another great element you should work on making sure your blog design has is proper navigation. There is no point in having a beautiful website design when users can’t find their way around it so the first thing you should put your efforts into when trying to design your blog is how your users enjoy it.

A good blog design makes it for readers to access every areas of your blog, it makes it easy for them to subscribe, it makes it easy for them to share your content and it makes it easy for them to search through your blog – once you could make these the focus of your blog design you will be amazed at how much results you can get.

Clean and Simple with a Major Aim

The final thing you should consider when trying to build a beautiful blog design is to make it clear and simple with one major aim.

Put an end to all those flash content that makes your reader’s browsers hang. Try to limit all those ads and distractions that make life difficult for your readers. Look for one single thing you want your blog to achieve for readers, and let your design focus around that.

If your main aim for your design is to get new readers to subscribe and become repeat visitors then focus your design on that, and avoid all distractions at all cost.

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34 thoughts on “Three Elements of a Good Blog Design

  1. Keeping the site design clean and simple is the crucial thing. Unfortunately some bloggers have the habit of cluttering their blogs with share buttons, widgets and tons of advertisements and flash. They make it too difficult for the readers to find the content.

  2. Thanks to John Smith for writing on the basic of blogging. Every blogger thinks that its easy to blogging. But when a new blogger starts, finds difficult in every step of blogging. So its important to continue blogging in a systematic way

    • Thanks for the comment Ahsan! Blogging definitely takes time, but it is also important to follow the right approach – and that’s exactly why a great design is important.

  3. Yes, blog design is an important part. A clean and user-friendly design help user to navigate easily and a light theme and color help google to show it on google instant preview.

  4. This is good, you really explained your points thoroughly in your article. I would have to agree with you, having a simple, easy to use SEO powered blog is the obvious way to do it. Having too much can slow down our blogs and make it look unprofessional.

  5. A user-friendly site is very essential for a business. When I want to find something in a website, I’d like to be able to find it in the easiest possible time without having to go through a lot of links and to wait for the website to load. When people know that your website is reliable, there’s a bigger chance that they’d visit it every time.

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