Is a Career as a Blogger Right for You?

The idea of making money by blogging appeals to many people – who wouldn’t want to sit at home and get paid to write about what interests them? Unfortunately, a career as a blogger isn’t so easy to get. Just about anyone can start a blog, but making money off of it takes quite a [...]

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How To Manually Add a Favicon To WordPress

Adding a favicon to your blog can really make it stand out and give it a more custom and professional look, not to mention a great way to brand your site. If somebody has a lot of tabs open and wants to navigate to yours quickly, a flashy favicon will make it much easier to [...]

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How to Host Your Blog Using Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the blogging softwares available on the internet which allows the free usage of the software for a month if they purchase any domain name through them. The Goddady’s blogging package called quick blog allows the people who don’t have any experience in creating blogs to create a blog simply and easily. [...]

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How to select a catchy blog name for your blog

Your blog name is a very important aspect of your website. It's the heart and soul of your blog in a way. It's the first thing people will notice and hopefully something that will stay in their minds. A blog name is an important part as it creates glittering look to your blog as well [...]

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How To Blog Without A Computer?

A weblog, commonly termed as a blog, is a popular online mode of communication that presents information in a sequential manner. Whenever the word blog is mentioned, it is immediately linked to a computer. However, currently with the various methods of communication available, there are other ways to blog that are just as effective, if not more. […]

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