Google’s New Page Layout Algorithm Change – How to Optimize Your Ad Layout

Google has just recently rolled out a new major page layout algorithm update. Basically, the purpose of the update is to weed out websites that have too many ads and other non-content elements “above the fold”. What exactly does “above the fold” mean? Basically, it’s everything a visitor can view on the when they arrive, … Read more

How to Add Google AdSense to Google Sites

The Google AdSense offers the web site publishers to draw the income by serving the textual ads which target the website audience.Website publishers can earn some income through both ad clicks and ad impressions.A debate has begun whether the publishers may include Google AdSense with Google sites by policy or technical issues.Google does not allow … Read more

SEO Benefits of Blogging

The blogs generally appeared when they are primarily in online journals and with the expansion of the blogosphere and these blogs has become a important business and marketing tools.Blogs take help of the search engine optimization by keeping the blog updated as the blog is relatively fast and simple.Search engines generally update a content,where a … Read more

How to Add an Address to Web Pages for Best SEO Value

The type of web page set up that allows search engines to understand your web programming is search engine  optimization(SEO) .Proper SEO helps in keeping your at the top most position in the search engine ranking page.When adding link addresses to the web page,use main key words,as it helps in better understanding of the subject … Read more