How to Optimize Your Twitter Bio Separators

Twitter bio separator is a character which is divided into keywords, phrases or descriptive sentences on profile bio section.These are formed in the form of commas and symbols.These bio separators is used to communicate key concepts on your profile.This provides a person that views your profile a quick snapshot.The bio section on a Twitter profile … Read more

How to Troubleshoot a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages allows the users to like the pages in their news feeds.Users can interact with the pages by posting to the page walls and leaves comments on the posts and photos, if those pages are functioning properly.Also you can troubleshoot the page malfunctions and they ensure the users to continue interacting with the … Read more

Promote Your Blog with Networked Blogs Facebook Application

Networked Blogs Facebook Application If you are looking for ways to promote your blog, you will definitely fall in love with Networked Blogs Facebook Application. This app will syndicate your blog feeds to your Facebook wall and page – thus promoting your blog to your friends and eventually to the rest of the Facebook community. … Read more

Revert Your New Facebook Sidebar Chat

The new Facebook chat is the thing which people have been criticizing a lot about. The new FB sidebar chat is a bit irritating and most of the FB users want to get rid of it. So here I have come up with few ways in which you will be able to stop the usage of the sidebar chat. There are extensions available for few browsers which will get back the old Facebook chat of yours.

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