Chrome Speeds Ahead to Second Most Popular Browser

Apparently I haven’t been paying very much attention to the browser battle because this one totally caught me by surprise. It’s always been in my head that firefox was going to be the one to topple internet explorer, but Chrome has had a pretty monumental rise in popularity these past few years. Just two years … Read more

How to Protect an Online Identity on Windows XP

Identity theft has become a common problem that worries everybody specially when you are in online.If you are keeping your computer hooked up to Internet, when you are not on Internet, you may have to face the risk of being hacked. The best way to combat hackers is to enable the Windows Firewall.This Windows Firewall … Read more

Four Computer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Broadband Internet Running.

There are great benefits someone can get from using a broadband internet. Many companies run their business effectively using the broadband internet connection to communicate with other branches of their organizations. Individuals also use the broadband internet for many basic things most especially build up great relationships with friends and families on social networking sites … Read more