It’s not only the characters from Stargate who need to worry about various dimensions; as while there are only two of them in web design they are perhaps one of the most important considerations that you need to bear in mind.

Essentially when it comes to designing your website you need to think about the vertical and the horizontal and how you’re going to populate each. This is more important now than ever before and the simple reason for that is that your site will be viewed from a much larger number of devices – and these will include smart phones that can be held in portrait or landscape and which will automatically re-orientate the screen.

In short then, the very same website can now be viewed either sideways or longways and so you need to make sure it works in both.

Horizontal Considerations

When it comes to the horizontal aspect then you need to think about how it is going to look when it’s on a very narrow display or a very wide display, and meanwhile you’re going to need to think about how people prefer to read.

When we read content of course our eyes move from left to right – but if you view most websites and even programs such as word processors, then you’ll notice that the content does not normally fill up the entire width of the screen as doing so would be tiring for the eyes and would make the content look very flat and very text heavy.

Instead then you need to think about what the maximum percentage of the screen is that you want to be taken up by content. Meanwhile you need to think about how this will scale down to fit a smaller screen. One way to do this is by having both percentage elements and dp involved in your site design. The DP can define the maximum width of your text while the percentage can ensure that the content is never far too small to read.

You also need to consider other elements and how much space you want to be read. It’s important that you put whatever is most important to you on the left of the screen as that is what we naturally look at first and it’s the part that will always be visible on the screen as it’s the stuff on the right that will be pushed along.

Vertical Considerations

Down the vertical you again need to consider what people will be looking at. People are more accustomed to scrolling down as we tend to work through the horizontal text more slowly but that said there is a limit to just how far people want to scroll to get the text.

Most sites will have at the top a logo and a menu and maybe even an image or some set text. You need to decide on how much space at the top you want to dedicate to that kind of filler though, as this will stand in the way of them getting to the content and the ads. You also need to think about how far down you want your page to go, and it’s important that you have a set bottom to your pages to avoid them taking too long to load or looking unprofessional.

Patrick is a web development expert and likes to write on web design and programming topics.