Men will be passing their personal details and ignore privacy settings on social networking sites like Facebook, when a female stranger requests friendship and a survey has found.

It is organised by anti virus software company Bitdefender and said that the men are clad female strangers. According to the survey, men accept most of the friendship requests from strangers and announce their location.

1600 of the men and women in Britain and America has taken part in the study. 64.2 percent of the women rejected friendship requests from strangers and the figure drops to half of men at 55.4 percent.

Survey has showed that the confirm button on a friend request is clicked by most of the men and is accompanied by hot looking woman.

If women has the friend request from an attractive man’s picture, then also they are tempted to accept the friendship request.Women’s reticence has not only predated just Facebook and social networking, but the Internet society has taught women to be cautious about strange men.

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