Facebook, One of the Major Causes of Divorce in UK

Facebook plays a major role in people’s lives. Now a days it is playing a major role in the lives of married couples. A recent survey conducted last December 2011 by a UK Divorce website called Divorce Online has found that there is a growing number of Facebook related Divorces.
33% of the behaviour petitions are related to Facebook. And when compared to last survey in 2009, there are 20% Facebook related divorces.It has grown up to 13%. There are mainly three reasons for these Divorces.They are due to :

  • Inappropriate information and messages to the members of the opposite person.
  • The seperated spouses post nasty comments on each other.
  • Always reporting Spouse behaviour with Facebook behavior.
According to the spokesman for Divorce Online, if someone wants to have an affair or flirt with another person, then Facebook is the easiest place to do it. Facebook make comments about ex partners to friends that has become extremely with both sides with the help of Facebook to vent their grievances against each other.

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