Facebook latest platform updates infinite scrolling for the apps and games dashboard and API support for News Feed filters.This company announced that it requires all the apps to include a email address for user support starting April 1.The developers can benefit from new infinite scrolling feature on apps and games.The users will be likely to browse more titles and there is no need to click a button to load them.
This can give the app lower on the list of friends and use recommend games. ”Recommended Apps” and “Newest” has a better chance of being discovered. New filter parameter for the graph API home connection allows the developers to retrieve part of user news feed. For example, an app can drag the stories from a particular friend list.This could be useful and the social network has created Smartlists for users and encourages them to designate people as “Close Friends” or “Acquaintances.”

Facebook has decided to start all apps to list a user support email.The developers have the option to include the apps before and the user support email field will not be mandatory until April 11.The two breaking changes is effective this week that are request 2.0 migration and requests 2.0 efficient.Migration from FBML requests to request 2.0 that completes on Jan 15th.The company has announced improved comments box for mobile.

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