Facebook’s Newest Frontier- Mercedes-Benz

Facebook Facebook Facebook…..! Every where this Facebook has become a regular habit for many of the Internet social network’s for more than 800 million users.Now this habit has become a new frontier in automobiles.Mercedes Benz USA brings Facebook to its cars with special version of service that builds into a new vehicle telematics system that unveils at the consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Facebook accessing on road is not the perfect way to use social network on a personal computer or on a smart phone.This version of Facebook is offered in Daimler AG’s.The Mercedes is stripped down to limited set of features and is specially designed for drivers and centered on locations of friends and businesses.According to Facebook Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing Dan Rose, the Mercedes version of Facebook reflects the social networking service expansion to enhance the list of settings.The screens and Internet connections are available.

As you all know that cars have screens that are smart and more car manufacturers will make those screens capable to connect with friends and take advantage of social context.The important core thing that people do on their screens is GPS Navigation.Facebook is being integrated into televisions with various TV manufacturers that expect to showcase built in Facebook integration at CES.Direct TV shows off a new social TV APP with Facebook capabilities at CES that allows people to share.Apart from television sets, Facebook in motor vehicles increases on distracted driving.

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