Google Panda Updates – 5 Ways To Protect Your Blog Losing Position

The latest Google Panda Update 2.5 is out. According to webpronews announcement, after a long wait from the previous update in April, this particular update is going to bring smiles and pains to bloggers. Maybe you’ve noticed a slight drop on your pagerank and traffic, this post is going to get you started on rectifying the situation.

You can’t control Google from updating their algorithms, but you can put your feet aright, and win. Don’t be scared of this development, it’s for your own good. I can’t imagine crappy blogs ranking more than me, when I put quality time in researching and writing my articles.

Let’s not waste time, for you not to lose your position on Google, here are simple things you need to stick with, especially this season of panda weird attitude.

1. Write Fresh Blog Posts Consistently

As the panda keeps scouring the web, looking for sites to bless, as well as cause, you need to get well positioned. The best way is to write quality fresh articles and publish them on your blog. Don’t allow your blog to go stale. You need to update your database, even as Google updates their algorithm.

However, posting articles consistently doesn’t mean you should get crappy content. I know a lot of bloggers who don’t like investing time on their content, they prefer spun contents and all those article writer software.

Stay away from such people, to prevent influence. No matter the amount of time it takes to write a decent article that never existed (at least in concept), you’ll reap the long term reward.

2. Be Found In Authority Sites

Authority sites are going to play a powerful role in securing your position. What you should do right now is to locate authority news sites like CNN, BBC, TechCrunch and Mashable and participate. You should comment and answer questions that are relevant to your niche.

You should start syndicating your contents on search engine friendly sites like Digg. This way, you’ll not be seen from the newbie-perspective, but as a relevant and popular blog. Even though your blog is 1-day old, make it a point to cooperate with authority sites.

3. Link To Resourceful Authority Sites

This strategy is quite different from the above. This mainly deals with your own personal blog. When you write blog posts, don’t be opinionated on your thoughts, instead, refer to initial discussions on this topic. Take for instance, at the start of this guest post, I gave credits to

They were the original site that talked about Google panda updates 2.5. Since I’ve referred to them as the original source, I’m making the web a better place, I’m patriotic and values other author’s work. This is a fundamental ranking criteria that bloggers miss.

It’s also goes to the images you use on your blog posts.

Always give credits when necessary. When you use the creative commons, it’s mandatory that you refer back to the image url.

4. Focus On Contextual Backlinks

The way you build backlinks has a great impact on your search engine performance. Recent studies and stats shows that contextual linking is best for your blog. Contextual linking is that type of links that appear right inside the body of an article.

For instance, when you write guest articles for someone, if you can get a backlink from within the content, it’s going to be more powerful than the author bio. But if you cannot achieve the in-content linking, you should add relevant keywords for your blog on the body, then add your anchor text on the author bio. You’ll get the same link weight.

Fortunately, getting this form of backlinks is quite simple. You can use high authority sites like and to build as many external contextual links as possible. But make sure your content is superb, free of spunned sentences and detailed.

5. Social Media Syndication

The last angle that determines your position on Google, is your level of social media influence. When search engine spiders crawl social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Linkedin, will your blog be found?

And most recently, the Google plus social network is going to change the way everything is done. Whatever niche you’re into, be it gardening or internet marketing, you need to get syndicated across social networks.

It’s also a great way to also get targeted traffic. For instance, when I started my coupon blog that shares free sittercity coupon and 6pm discount codes, social media networks was my primary traffic portal. I was able to drive targeted traffic without worrying about panda and all the updates at that time.

So there you go, the 5 essential ways to stay off the radar and improve your pagerank, even as Google panda updates 2.5 sets in. But you’re not going to get results by merely reading this, it’s the action step that yields result. Will you practice the tips here?

36 thoughts on “Google Panda Updates – 5 Ways To Protect Your Blog Losing Position

  1. Hi Mike,

    It seems that I’ve hit for the panda, I’ve lost PR I don’t know the motive, perhaps for not posting frequently on recent days.

    I’ll pick your advices on big sites to make comments there and link out too. Will see the result on next days 🙂




  2. So, the Panda is the reason why I can’t see any PRs on my site. Thanks for the tips. Will try them especially the social media syndication as I am more active in FB and Twitter. Should post some juicy topics soon.

  3. Hello Mike

    I’m really grateful that you inform us with this new update. With this information at hand I can assure my clients that I know what I’m doing. I’m a freelance provider that offers SEO service and fresh content for blogers


  4. Good post on Panda. I have this friend who runs an ecommerce site (70k indexed pages) who lost 50 percent of his traffic from Google. When I told him about Panda and his need for more quality content and to consolidate and reduce his page count, he said he’ll do more research. Some people just can’t believe methods that worked for years are now outdated if not harmful all of a sudden.

    • Hi Mark, thanks for commenting on my post. Your friend should have listened to you and heed your words about fresh content. Anyways, you should share this article with him. He’s sure going to enjoy it. I’m sorry he lost his traffic, but he can bounce back if the right steps are taken.

  5. Great help! Thanks for these helpful tips! I’m kinda looking for some articles, research and tips about google panda. I’m just learning about SEO and heard that there is this Google Panda algorithm. I hope I could take some effort to write my article because I just use some spinner and submit it to different article directories.

    • Hello Andreas, you don’t need spinner to write your articles. It’s going to harm you in the eyes of Google. Just spend 20 minutes to write one fresh and original article. It’s bad to submit duplicate content. SEO is not magic, but it works. So be yourself, don’t try to rank on Google #1as a beginner, but do the work involved and you’ll enjoy greater reward.

      NOTE: Don’t use spinner again. If need be, destroy it so you don’t come back to it again. I hope this information helps you..

  6. Wow nice article mate. Google Panda has affected the whole websites system. Even some of my blogs has lost their PR. 🙁 … Please guys beware and keep up your hard work and post/update with original content. Otherwise you have to pay for it. 🙂

  7. You should also focus on making relationships with the people in a community who are interested in your niche. That’s one way of proving your authority in your line of business. As for Google Panda’s updates, if you constantly update with content that people are interested in, then you won’t have any problem. Just don’t make yourself look like a robot online.

    • Absolutely Andreas, creating strong relationship with like minds is the best way to make the web a social place. That’s what Google wants, sharing is loving. Updating your blog with 100% unique content is the key, that opens the padlock of free organic search traffic. I’m glad you contributed to my guest post.

      Do visit again.

  8. fresh and up to date clogs are very important to boost your raking in search engine. contents and keywords are also very important. keep on sharing more and keep on cleaning our mind from confusions

  9. These are some great tips to keep Panda off your back. One of the things about posting content regularly is that it has to be good quality content. Google will like content, but if it’s quality then people will like it and share it, thereby giving you more exposure and making the other tips easy to do.

  10. Thanks for the great tips. My site has also lost its position recently, it was on first page but suddenly its now on second page, I don’t understand why? Has been there a new update on google panda?

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