How to Create a Great Blog Post

While many may assume a blog is similar to a diary; there is actually a lot more to the process.

Yes, a blog is a wonderful place to get your thoughts, feelings and opinions out into the world but in order to create a great post that captures an audience.

There are a few things you should know:

Take Your Time

While it can become frustrating to spend long periods of time on a single blog post, patience is extremely important. Before posting anything to your blog, be sure to double check things such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Also, re-read your post a few times to make sure you haven’t missed any key topics and that everything flows nicely.

While it is easy to throw something together and hit the publish button, your audience is going to be able to sense if you have put care into your post or if you have rushed. It’s pretty amazing how, even through text, an audience can get a vibe from the writer. If you are angry, sad or happy; those emotions can typically carry through into your writing. So, be sure that the tone of your post matches well with the current topic.

Stay On Topic

While it can be easy to get distracted and want to talk about various things at any given time, it’s much easier for readers to enjoy your blog post if you stick to a single topic. It’s great that you have many things you would like to discuss, and you can definitely create various blog posts during a single writing session.

The reason it’s important to stick to one topic is because it gives the reader the option to pick what they want to read about at any given time. Imagine clicking on something that was titled ‘How to Train Your Dog’ to realize you are not only reading about how to train your dog but also about the weather and shopping tips. You do not want to write the same way you talk.

Too much information in a single post can be overwhelming and so can too much text. It’s important to keep your paragraphs short and sweet. Not only are short paragraphs gentler on the eyes than long ones but it’s much easier to skim a post when there isn’t a ton of information crammed into one paragraph.

Organize Your Thoughts

Another great way to keep your ideas organized and simple for your reader to take in is to include headings. This allows your viewers to know, at a glance, everything you are going to cover within the blog post. This gives them an opportunity to skip to the portions they are most interested in and avoid reading information that they already know or do not care as much about.

Having a blog is an exciting and fulfilling experience. With the right amounts of patience, motivation and care you are capable of being very successful. Connect with your audience and many doors will open for you throughout your online writing career.

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