How to select a catchy blog name for your blog

Your blog name is a very important aspect of your website. It’s the heart and soul of your blog in a way. It’s the first thing people will notice and hopefully something that will stay in their minds.

A blog name is an important part as it creates glittering look to your blog as well as your contents. So catchy blog names must be given to blog titles which attracts users to check your blog.  This furthermore paves path in optimising your blog for search engines. It is quite easy to choose a catchy blog name to your blog.

Before you try to select a name for your blog you need to know the actual difference between a blog title and a domain name. The main confusion among users in choosing a blog name comes when they come across between a blog title and domain name, also denotes an URL for a blog. So make yourselves clear from choosing  catchy blog names to your blog by removing all the confusions in your mind.

Domain name or the URL for the blog is the address of your blog- the text which you type in the address bar of the browser to get in to a website. Like if you want to enter in the the website Facebook you type in the address bar of your browser which navigates you to the website. Each URL address is unique and it is not possible to have same domain names for two websites. So you must be keen in choosing  catchy domain names which is more friendly and unique.

Blog title is nothing but the name of your blog which is the title where it is seen in the title bar of your browser. Whenever you visit a website you find title name on the top of the website below the address bar. This is what the blog title is. So choosing catchy domain names in mostly based on the uniqueness of your blog title and the domain name.

Catchy domain names – How to choose them, step by step procedure:

Blog title


The main purpose to choose a title to your blog comes initially with the subject where it provides information to the visitors to know the exact subject of your blog. This must catch the attention of your readers. SEO is also the most important part of a bog. Some important points to remember in choosing catchy blog names.

  • The title name of your blog must reflect the subject on which your blog is dealing with.
  • The blog title must be in a way it is short and catchy. So choose catchy domain names.
  • Also include keywords which will be helpful to search engines to search the keywords in optimizing your blog.
  • The domain name of your blog must be very unique and it must be able to brand your blog.
  • Don’t forget to check the spelling of your title name which will help search engines evaluating your blog exactly.

I wish the above related points will help you in selecting catchy domain names to your blog.

Please give your suggestions on the above article and thank you on reading the above article on “How to select a catchy blog names for your blog”.

2 thoughts on “How to select a catchy blog name for your blog

  1. This should take a while. I’ve only seen a handful well thought out blog names. When picking for one, we should consider our brand, niche, and our reader’s interest because that will surely catch people’s attention.

    Coming up with one takes a lot of thinking and a lot of luck, but we can always settle for a decent blog name and just make up for it with SEO and hard work. That always works. 🙂

  2. Some nice tips here…Though for tech blogs..I suggest instad of going for generic Tech namaes like Techtips, Techguide and such names..go for a unique brandable name..Anything…..Which doesn’t not have any search result in Google and can be pronounce and remember easily….

    For ex: Shout-me-Tech

    It has word tech but at the same time contain my brand name as prefix….If you are planning to build an authority blog, than you should consider going for a nice brandable and catchy name..if sole purpose is to get visitors from search engine …Go for a Keyword rich domain ..

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