Improve Your Business With Pinterest Social Network

An interesting site called Pinterest seems to start making a name for itself , getting the attention of a large number of people since the day it was launched-the Pinterest.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, it’s another avenue for businesses trying to improve their internet marketing strategies and wanting to get all that traffic they need for their websites, which can increase conversion rates for online stores.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique photosharing website that features a wide array of emotive pictures of “interest”, which members of the site can “pin” anytime on their virtual corkboards. Any available image online can be pinned, and the site’s users can select wherever they want to pin it, granting them the ability to have as many boards as they want and labeling them with any titles they prefer.

How Does Pinterest Work?

You simply need to “Request an Invite” on the site and wait for an approval. You may use any of your existing Twitter and Facebook account for a quicker sign-up process. Once approved, you’re ready to start pinning any photos that brightened up your day. The “Pin It” button is automatically attached on your browser after downloading the site’s software, making your pinning activity easier all throughout your online browsing hours.

Benefits for Businesses

Pinterest For Business Each photo you pin has a link that leads back to its original source, so if you’re precious products were pinned, and someone happens to click on it, there’s a potential customer right there browsing your site. The big question is how you can get more of that. There are a number of ways to make the most out of your Pinterest account.

Don’t be lazy and start pinning your products. You can’t wait for someone else to notice what you’re selling, you have to take action, and do it yourself. The best thing about Pinterest is its fun and super easy to do. Just make sure that your products are uploaded under the products category, so that way you may be able to tag the image with its price.

SEO works in Pinterest too. Be smart and enter all the keyword-rich descriptions you can think of for your product, so they end up showing up on the search results, leading to more “likes” and more “repins”.

Pinterest features a Twitterlike Personality

Users can start following you if they find your pins interesting. The game behind it resembles that of Twitter.

If you follow popular figures and they follow you in return, their followers will more likely follow you as well. Also, why not start following anyone pinning your products, they might just follow you back.

Building relationships in Pinterest

Granting Pinterest is a photo-sharing website, but it doesn’t mean there’s no possible relationship that may be built among your fellow Pinterest members. To find friends in Facebook, for example, you must spend a considerable amount of time to build a sense of trust with people you meet online, and the same thing works with Pinterest.

Of course, you want to select your friends wisely to be a part of the most influential circle in the site. Go after those known for their quality pins and has a lot of followers, try to get to know them, and build friendships. Sooner or later, your products might just be pinned or repined by these shakers, and you’ll get the traffic you need.

Avoid over-thinking about business

If you only care about your products in a way that it’s all that you pin about, you’ll be turning off people from Pinterest, who will soon realize that you’re joining the site for business purposes only. Try to pin other interesting things that you may like as long as it’s not your competition you’re pinning about!

Promote Pinterest Activities Offline

Have a Pinterest button on your site and create some eye-catching Pinterest contests and activities. Get your offline customers involve and get them pinning your products online. You can get wild with your imagination; just don’t forget to offer motivating prizes for the winners!

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that your company matches what Pinterest is all about-photos. If your company doesn’t have any products, but offers mere services, it will be a lot harder to figure out how to have photos that will be attractive enough for people to take time to pin it. Using your imagination, however, everything is possible. Better yet, start taking some snap shots with your camera and transform your Pinterest into a money-maker.

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