How to Create a Great Blog Post

While many may assume a blog is similar to a diary; there is actually a lot more to the process. Yes, a blog is a wonderful place to get your thoughts, feelings and opinions out into the world but in order to create a great post that captures an audience. There are a few things [...]

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Improve Your Business With Pinterest Social Network

Just like Twitter and Facebook, it’s another avenue for businesses trying to improve their internet marketing strategies and wanting to get all that traffic they need for their websites, which can increase conversion rates for online stores.

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Is a Career as a Blogger Right for You?

The idea of making money by blogging appeals to many people – who wouldn’t want to sit at home and get paid to write about what interests them? Unfortunately, a career as a blogger isn’t so easy to get. Just about anyone can start a blog, but making money off of it takes quite a [...]

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WordPress vs Joomla: Which CMS is Best For You?

When you are trying to make a fully functional website, the wordpress vs joomla comparison matters greatly, because this will determine which CMS (Content Management System) is best for you. Both of them serve the same purpose, only with minor differences. There are but a few things to consider in choosing the perfect CMS for [...]

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How To Disable Comments in WordPress

There are a variety of reasons you may want to disable comments on your wordpress blog. For example, a certain post on your site is getting too many spam comments, you simply don't need other people's opinions included in your post, the content of your site isn't appropriate for having visitor interaction via comments, or [...]

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How To Manually Add a Favicon To WordPress

Adding a favicon to your blog can really make it stand out and give it a more custom and professional look, not to mention a great way to brand your site. If somebody has a lot of tabs open and wants to navigate to yours quickly, a flashy favicon will make it much easier to [...]

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Google’s New Page Layout Algorithm Change – How to Optimize Your Ad Layout

Google has just recently rolled out a new major page layout algorithm update. Basically, the purpose of the update is to weed out websites that have too many ads and other non-content elements "above the fold". What exactly does "above the fold" mean? Basically, it's everything a visitor can view on the when they arrive, [...]

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