The note book stands are associated with the idea of a desk or table,the main purpose of it is to support  and sometimes  cool a notebook,and in some cases to enhance its  connectivity,but the guys from standvarius have a different  concept  namely aero stand, here the users can attach a notebook without affecting  its portability and increase its level of versatility.

Unlike other  plenty of samples over time aero was shipped in an ordinary envelope, the reason is  it required so little space not only for the packaging  ,but also for fact that  this note stand in,it makes a perfect  companion  for a note book as it is super thin light easy to carry and making it the  perfect “attach and never remove” companion.


The main selling points  the notebook stand has to offer are its functionality and portability making the aero’s  inherent design  attractive for customers.

It introduces a whole new concept in the market segment, thus  instead of creating a notebook to be placed on one’s desk this product is being designed  so that the user can carry it and it occupies a little space and is permanently attached to the  portable computing system. It is so feasible that it can go from flat to 3d in no time. It also offers  elevation settings, allowing the users to best fit in their needs.

The aero manages to bring a fresh breathe of air, but  it doesn’t mean it  is perfect, it has minor flaws in the design department.


It comes in two different  models, firstly 12-13 inches  laptops and secondly  laptops measuring  14-15 inches, the material with which note books are made is a combination between  aluminum and a hard cardboard it is rigid and tough with high level of portability and low weight.


Before talking about how  aero works in real time let’s see about the packaging, with some pro’s it also has got some con’s since it occupies very  little space it is challenge  to open it.

Sales packages

– Aeronotebook stand

– user’s manual


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