Tips for a User-Friendly Web Design

When designing a website, you need to have the users in mind at every step of the process. Think about the people that will be using the site and how they will be using it. A user-friendly design is one which allows users to find what they are looking for quickly and with the least [...]

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Google’s New Page Layout Algorithm Change – How to Optimize Your Ad Layout

Google has just recently rolled out a new major page layout algorithm update. Basically, the purpose of the update is to weed out websites that have too many ads and other non-content elements "above the fold". What exactly does "above the fold" mean? Basically, it's everything a visitor can view on the when they arrive, [...]

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How to Increase Google Rank

The e- commerce and business on the Internet has exploded. The online success has a huge impact on the organizations bottom line.According to the recent data, 88 % of the grown up online consumers has made online purchases.For the potential customers eighty-eight percent is an astounding percentage.Most of the individuals are preferring to the Internet [...]

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Three Elements of a Good Blog Design

If you’re a blogger who has great plans for his/her blog, especially when it comes to making money, then you will know how important having great design is. A lot of bloggers focus their efforts on their content and other aspects of blogging but very little of them give the design of their blog a [...]

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