The Quickest Ways to Post to Your Blog or Website

If you have a blog or a website then you should by now know that content is king. Long live the king! In short, if you want your site to stand the best chances of success then what you need above all else is to regularly update the site with new articles and to write lots of quality and pieces on a regular basis.

The more regular your updates are, the more up-to-date Google will consider your website, and the more content you have the more there will be to index and to rank.

However the problem is that editing a site can take a lot of time and effort and it can be tricky to find the time you need to upload and write articles when you are busy with other things. It is for these reasons that it is very important you find ways to make adding articles or post to your site as quick and easy as possible. Here we will look at how to do that.

WordPress Quickpress

When designing your website you should consider basing it in WordPress if it is just a blog. WordPress comes with an excellent, intuitive and most importantly quick content management system that enables you to quickly and effortlessly add new articles or to look through and organize old ones. This is a great tool and one that makes WordPress sites very easy to maintain and keep up to date. Their quickpress feature is not often talked about but it is often the tool I use for quick and dirty posts or for writing up ideas and saving them as a draft post.

Mobile Apps

I have a bluetooth keyboard for my phone that is just small enough to carry with me everywhere but just big enough to type at full speed. This means I can write on the go with ease and I would highly recommend something similar to all bloggers. Meanwhile what I would also recommend is an app to allow you to very quickly upload or edit your content. One great tool for this is again the WordPress app which makes it very easy to modify your site from the comfort of your work commute.

IF you’re not using WordPress though then you can still edit your site on the move, for instance with ES File Explorer on Android which comes with no less than a built in FTP service to allow you to access your server and edit files like your index file on the fly. It even comes with a built in text editor.

Your Own Apps

But using FTP doesn’t change the fact that your site might still be very slow to edit if it means copying and pasting a template and then changing all of the meta tags and file names and editing everything in your menus and on your home page. As such you might want to find ways to make this quicker still and one effective method to help you accomplish this is to build your own PHP script that will edit all your pages for you when you hit upload. If you can’t do it yourself then you can do it by using a third party with the skills. It is a small investment in time or money now, but if it allows you to upload many more articles in future then this is an investment that will pay out in dividends.

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